All Welcome to the Friends’ Board Meeting – May 16, 2017

West Slope Library, photo by B. E. Berger

The next board meeting for Friends of West Slope Community Library is:

Meeting and Reading Room

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3:30 p.m.

West Slope Community Library

3678 SW 78th Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97225

Library patrons are welcome to attend.


Is Your Friends Membership Current?

Be a Friend to the West Slope Community Library!

Choose from these paths to Friends membership:

  • Pay annual dues
    • $15 for individuals
    • $20 for families
    • $50 for patrons


  • Donate 20 hours a year of volunteer time

As you probably know, the Friends provide dollars for library programs — including Summer Reading and many others. Friends also provide funding for computers and furniture, so our library can spend its county dollars on enhanced operating services for all of us.

If your membership has lapsed, we hope you choose to renew! If you haven’t joined yet, we welcome you to do so now.

Not sure if you have current membership? Life gets busy and it can be hard to keep track! Email us at and we will let you know.

You can mail membership dues to: West Slope Community Library, 3678 SW 78th Avenue, Portland, OR 97225. Or, hand in your payment to our staff at the front desk.

Thank you, Friends!